Tanya Hall of Studio City – Dedicated to the Field of Medicine

Tanya Hall of Studio City is a deeply dedicated and highly motivated medical student currently pursuing her dream of becoming an expert in the medical field. She is an avid traveler and has always felt the call to help those in need any way that she can. Before deciding to enroll in her graduate studies in medicine, she traveled much of the world and observed first hand how less fortunate third world countries deal with deadly diseases on a regular basis. They are largely limited in regards to the technology and medical professionals that they can use to cure the sick, especially when compared to the United States of America.

Tanya Hall of Studio City  travels were what inspired her to enroll at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the prestigious University of California at Los Angeles. She is currently studying in the experimental and research based medicine program at the University and has already started making a name for herself in the field. Tanya Hall hopes to one day achieve success as a medical professional who is dedicated to finding cures for many of the deadly diseases that still run rampant in the world today. She has the skills and the knowledge necessary to be one of the best medical professionals working the in the field of research.

Tanya Hall of Studio City is on track to become an expert in the realm of experimental medicine and medical research. The career path she has chosen is a highly competitive and demanding field, even when compared to other programs within the medical school itself. However, she is committed to the research she is currently completing and will one day be able to use her knowledge in the field to cure some of the many deadly diseases currently affecting people through out less fortunate areas of the world today. Tanya Hall of Studio City, when she isn’t studying for her next medical exam, enjoys spending time golfing, riding horses, and running. She enjoys running for specific causes and is always looking for a way to help people.


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