Tanya Hall of Studio City – Epidemiologists

Tanya Hall of Studio City is an observant student who hopes to one day become an Epidemiologist. Inspiration kicked in, having assisted doctors overseas; she had received a first-hand experience of what life could be like as an Epidemiologist.

Epidemiologists can be called upon to establish a robust surveillance system for diseases such as meningitis or cholera. While an outbreak occurs, they can also take part in an active case in finding and planning vaccination campaigns or water sanitation interventions. Another task would be to conduct a mortality survey and design while implementing a monitoring and evaluation plan for targeted diseases. Tanya received the type of experience needed by working with the team that developed data collection systems for a wide range of projects regarding health services and also served as the data focal point for the project. Although it may seem as simple as troubleshooting, a big portion of data collection ensures that good-quality data does not hinder an efficient approach to providing patient care in otherwise deadly circumstances.

Tanya Hall of Studio City is on track to become an expert in the realm of experimental medicine and medical research. The career path she has chosen is a highly competitive and demanding field, even when compared to other programs within the medical school itself. However, she is committed her research she is currently completing. One day she will be able to use her knowledge in the field to cure some of the many deadly diseases currently affecting people throughout less fortunate areas of the world today. Tanya Hall of Studio City, when she isn’t studying for her next medical exam, enjoys spending time golfing, riding horses, and running. She enjoys running for specific causes and is always looking for a way to help people.


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